Contest category 3: Artwork

Deadlines / Registration fees:

Early Deadline  -  EXPIRED           20 US$

Regular Deadline  -  EXPIRED       25 US$

Final Deadline  -  EXPIRED           35 US$


No company or organization can enter the contest as the registered participant.  However, It is possible to participate in the contest as a single individual or as a team with two or more members.  Hence, the term "participant" used in texts covers both cases. 
If participating as a team, one person must be chosen to register and handle all contact during the contest. 


It is possible to participate in multiple categories with different projects.  It is also possible to participate in multiple categories with the same project adapted to fulfill the criteria of each category.  However, a registration fee is required for each entered category. 
If entering a single category with multiple projects, a separate complete registration is needed for each project.  


For more important contest info, readCONTEST INFO.





Create a digital artwork in VR, inspired by on one of the following environmental themes: "Sustainability" or "Our beautiful world." Also, define your VR artwork as either a painting or a sculpture and explain why.

Guidelines / Rules

  • Create a work of art in virtual reality, inspired by one of the following environmental themes: "Sustainability" or "Our beautiful world."
  • The participant shall present a description of how the selected theme is expressed in the artwork.
  • The artwork must be defined as a painting or a sculpure.
  • Depending on the definition, a written personal argumentation for what a painting or a sculpture is in VR must be provided.
  • The work may not be just a physical work of art scanned and imported into VR. However, physical objects that have been imported and somehow (to a reasonable degree) incorporated in the artwork are allowed.
  • There is no limitation on the size of the artwork, its design or how light, sound, motion, perspective etc. are used.
  • All types of applications / technologies are allowed to be used in the creation of the artwork.
  • Some type of interaction and feedback must be part of the artwork, e.g. the artwork might respond to the viewer's movements or other type of interaction such as touch, gaze direction. Choice of technical platform determine the appropriate method / type of interaction.
  • The complete artwork must be made easily available to the jury through a stable link for downloading.
  • One of the following storage services must be used: Dropbox, The Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive.
  • The link, provided by the participant, shall provide access to a downloadable folder named after the contest category.  If multiple projects, then a separate folder for each project.  The folder/s must contain:
  1. The total project ready to run on the recommended platform.
  2. A text file (PDF or Word) with contact information. If a team, then the names of all team members must be listed.
  • The participant must state the recommended VR equipment to use and ensure that it runs smoothly on the device.

    One of the following VR equipment must be used:
    Google Cardboard cell phone
    Google Daydream cell phone
    Samsung Galaxy Gear VR
    HTC Vive
    Oculus Rift 

    NOTE: For each platform, see technical specifications: Development resources

    (Choice of technical platform will not affect the jury's assessment of the artwork.)
  • It is the participant's sole responsibility to ensure that nothing in the finished product (or any step in the creation process, use of software, etc.) violates copyright or licensing laws in any way. The rights to all materials (including, if applicable, the involvement of people) must be owned by the participant and be guaranteed free to use and publish.


Advice / Suggestions

Set your creativity free and use all techniques you want.  One painting program for VR is Tiltbrush:

Regarding web pages for VR developers, see:  DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES.



The jury's judging criteria



How immersive, engaging and captivating is the artwork, as an artwork and as a VR experience? 


Innovative and creative approach

Interpretation of the theme, use of the possibilities/advantages of the VR media in a creative way.


The impact on the viewer

How intuitive is the interaction? How original is its use? How well integrated and natural does the interaction and feedback feel? How does it enhance the artwork? What's the emotional impact of the artwork on the viewer?